Our values


Conexdata's performance is underpinned by values that are shared by all its employees.
Conexdata demands of its employees the highest level of professional excellence with a view to permanently improving the service offered to customers and ensuring that it does so in accordance with the the highest degree of honesty, integrity and rigour.

Conexdata's core business is security and our customers' information systems.
Compromise in not an option in these fields. Customers, management and quality managers are systematically informed of any potential risk of malfunction.

Conexdata permanently seeks to improve the quality of the services it provides in line with its commitments, keeping customers properly informed at all times.
Conexdata maintains transparent and loyal relations with its suppliers, relations underpinned by contracts that are honoured to the letter.

Quality is the primary selection criteria for our suppliers, ensuring Conexdata not only meets but exceeds customers' expectations. Management must be informed in the event of any acquisition of shares, either directly or via a third party, in a company involved in dealings with Conexdata.

Conexdata employees should not place themselves in a position of dependence, other than professional, with respect to suppliers.
Conexdata's development depends primarily on the human qualities of its personnel. As such, every employee is required to:

  • Act in accordance with laws governing competition, work and employment, safety, health.
  • Promote team spirit, with consideration first and foremost given to professional expertise and respect for diversity.

Given the nature of its responsibilities, Conexdata handles confidential information that, even partial, represents Conexdata's expertise. This information must not pass into the hands of competitors. Accordingly, such information should be protected from third parties at all times.